Monday, July 09, 2007

Nana's Visit Was Wonderful!!!

Nana arrived in our presence over a week ago and we thoroughly enjoyed a lot of good ol' family time. She said she didn't want to go anywhere or do anything but spend time with us. So we complied. We just sat and talked, watched the kids (and Dad) playing, and ate until we were stuffed over and over again. She sat by me while I finished her birthday stitching project and she stood next to my Mom while they made hundreds of cookies for my niece's graduation party. She was in the midst of our lives and loved it all. But she decided she'd need to go home to rest up. :)

Today she headed to the airport about an hour ago. We already miss her terribly. Even Laura wants to know when we are 'weaving for Honey's house to see Nawnaw'. I only wish it were that easy all of the time.

Here are some pictures of our week. Enjoy!

Nana and My Crew - They fell in love with her all over again!

Nana, Kenz and Kayla

Nana and Seth

Nana checking on her stitching progress.

Nana and The Whole Gang! Except Brenda who is a chicken... er... expert at taking pictures!

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