Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Mommy, why do you..."

In our lives, there are some things that assault your senses daily. Some, like the sounds of the neighborhood or the hum of the fan, you can block out, only paying attention to them when the change and you finally notice it. Some, like the sound of water dripping or the annoying wails of a three year old who thinks it isn't time for bed yet even though they are a few hours overdue already, you wish you could block out but can't. And some, like the sounds of kids crying as they fall out of the tree or the periodic deep thinking questions from your children, make you react immediately. There are times when it would be better to wait and I'm still learning how to do that. For now, I'm learning to like toe jam.

This morning my daughter was in an interesting mood. She'd just been thoroughly examined, as I wanted to know where her current viral rash was heading and what body parts it might have chosen to abandon, and we'd already had the 'big girls go pee pee on the potty' discussion so she was out of conversation about that for the moment. Apparently she felt the need to create some new, albeit controversial, topic of conversation. So in the midst of a final check on her belly she says "Mommy, why do you have does?" Given that she was leaning against my chest, I assumed that is what she meant and started in on the 'God made us women' speech. She stopped me after a bit and said "No Mommy, why do you have does?" Hmmm... maybe I missed something.

"Can you tell Mommy what you want to know again?"

She shakes her head yes and says "Mommy, why do you have does?" I think for a moment and go over what we were just talking about while I checked her over. My mind couldn't come up with a thing. So I ask again.

She sighs. Yes, she's a bit dramatic. I don't know where she gets that. Then she says "Why do you have does? Does! You know, Mommy. Does!" Of course I know does - they are female deer. After all, The Sound of Music taught me nothing if not the Do Re Me song. But I'm thinking she's saying 'those' and I can't place what 'those' it is she's talking about. So I ask one more time.

"Can you show Mommy what you mean?"

She sighs again. Rolls her eyes even. And then she points to her toes. "Does, Mommy. Why do you have does?"


Toes. Toes. Why do we have toes???? So in my best Mommy voice I say "God gave us toes so we wouldn't fall over." She was satisfied. But I sure hope we come up with a better answer before she hits that section during home school!

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