Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blessed Be The Tie That Binds?

I know. I know. He's handsome. Especially in a tie. But be prepared, girls. He won't be ready for his own wedding for another dozen years or so!

Ka and Jarryd's Special Day

Yesterday, a new family was created and ours grew. All at the same moment. The first in the youngest generation of our family was married. Ka and Jarryd shared their vows before the Lord in front of family and friends in a very sweet ceremony, and without a quiver. Confident and smiling, they couldn't have been more relaxed or sure that their union was indeed blessed.

In true Mikayla fashion, she went a bit against the norm. Not only did she not wear high heels (smart girl!), she did not walk down the aisle to "Here Comes The Bride" (she chose something more melodic to walk to) and she had not only a ring bearer and a flower girl (yes, Laura was her flower girl - even in double casts), but she had a 'flower Dad' as well. You'll see what I mean as you look through the pictures... Poor Don. He did a great job!

Fall Has Arrived

I love fall. It is my absolute favorite time of the year. Yes, yes, I know. I absolutely LOVE Christmas, too. But fall. There is just something about the beauty of it all, so many colors on the trees, the smells, the sounds, the cooler nights... Yes, I LOVE fall!

Today we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and stopped by a roadside stand to pick up a few pumpkins, gourds and such. Libby was quite the item with the other visitors as well as the owners, and Laura managed to move around through the pumpkins holding Daddy's hands despite her double casts. Jonathan picked out pumpkins for both he and Matthew, and Laura got two. One that was shaped like a heart and the other that she'll actually consent to cut.

I wonder if her special pick will still be around in the family Christmas pictures. Hey, don't laugh! Nothing like reminiscing over some happy holiday photos to discover that you not only maxed out the Christmas decor, but you forgot to do something with the pumpkins! Trust me. I have personal experience!