Thursday, July 19, 2007

He Keeps Growing Up...

I love East Coast. Custard that is. I love the special flavors of the day, and their frozen yogurt can't be beat. Especially Almond Joy. I could eat their frozen yogurt Almond Joy flavor every day and be quite happy about it. That's probably because I can't. But that's beside the point. :)

They used to make their Almond Joy flavor once or twice a month. Huge chunks of chocolate. Gobs of coconut. Almonds. All mixed in creamy frozen yogurt. YUM!!!But recently, for some unexplained, but joyfully celebrated reason, it seems every Wednesday is Almond Joy day. We periodically plan around that and have even been known to drive down just because it is Wednesday. I love Almond Joy.

Yesterday, while on the phone with Mom, I asked her if she wanted to meet us there but she declined. So we didn't go. I ate some frozen yogurt we had here instead and thought that would be the end of my East Coast Dreams for the week. I was wrong.

Matthew spent last evening at a concert and then a ballgame with his friend Brian. Brian's youth group was having an outing and Brian invited Matthew to go. After it was over, Brian's Dad picked them up at the church and brought them home. With a quick stop by East Coast. Brian's Dad bought the two of them Concretes and Matthew gleefully devoured his. As they were leaving, the reality of where he was and on what day hit him. He knew I'd like some ice cream. So he asked them to wait a minute, pulled out his wallet and purchased a pint to bring home. For me!

When he got home we were already upstairs in bed. All he needed to do was lock up, turn out the lights we'd left on for him and head upstairs. Instead he snuck in and got a spoon and, with as much calm excitement as he could muster, he ran up the steps and presented me with his purchase. He was so proud of what he'd done he could hardly contain himself. Frankly, I was proud of him, too.

My boy, he just keeps growing up...

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