Monday, July 09, 2007

"Classic Family" Gatherings

When our family gathers, we always have fun. The past few weeks have found us gathering more than our normal 'Once a Month for Classic Family Sunday'. It all started with Uncle Mick's visit, and ended yesterday with our final family gathering to send Nana home, well loved, kissed and filled to capacity. We value these times together and are always planning for the next one. And lately, picture taking is an event that we all enjoy as well. Brenda, Mackenzie, Diane and I all take lots of pictures. Jonathan has recently joined us in this endeavor and, in fact, took some of these pictures. Matthew takes a few every now and then as well.

Here are some pictures of the last week or so together. Everything from the actual 4th of July gathering, through Mikayla's graduation party and ending with Nana's last gathering. If nothing else, it certainly shows that we know how to have fun!

Yes, this proves that July 4th was much warmer than our July 1st gathering. Auntie Diane and Laura sure enjoy the swings in Honey and Poppa's back yard!

Dad and Jonathan were busy watching a "Man vs. Wild" marathon. Let's pray the show doesn't give Jonathan and Matthew any ideas...

Jonathan took up juggling for a bit on Sunday. He started with the small balls...

And of course Laura had to help. They did pretty well.

Then he tried the five pound ball...

It didn't go so well.

Matthew tried his hand at it, too.

He's perfected the concentration issue...

And safely catching those that tend to wander away too quickly.

Here's a picture of Jarryd lighting Kayla's candles during her party. I was so busy inside, I failed to take lots of pictures. Perhaps Brenda will send some I can add. *hint, hint*

And here's a few of Laura. She was having a good time.

And she likes to investigate the camera showing us she really knows how to enjoy her 'nacks' but has yet to learn how to wipe her mouth...

Poppa's army hat gets around.

Our budding tomboy...

Even Murphy gets in to the picture. Here he's a little 'fatigued'. :)

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