Tuesday, July 31, 2007

They Just Keep Growing

When you spend all day, every day with your kids, you fail to see the gradual growth that turns them from infants to toddlers and then children. We won't even talk about the subtle changes that turns them from children in to young adults. It's enough to say that I generally don't notice them until I see pictures taken over time. And even then I sometimes choose not to see how much they've grown. :)

Today I am open enough to realize they've all grown over the summer. In just a few months Laura went from still looking like a wee one to being a beautiful girl. Jonathan has lost just a touch of that little boy look as he heads towards his tween years. Matthew has just grown right before my eyes in to a young man. Complete with his slight mustache and curly beard hairs here and there. We won't talk about the muscles and frame changes. I prefer to keep thinking of him as my baby for a bit longer. After all, he doesn't turn 14 until next week. NEXT WEEK?!?!?! *sigh*

My kids are awesome. I love them from the bottom of their toes to the tops of the uppermost hairs on their heads. I only wish I could mature their spirits without them growing up so fast...

Oh wait! Maybe they aren't growing up as much as I thought...

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