Sunday, July 15, 2007

Critter Sitting (or How to Reaffirm Your Allergies)

Matthew's good friend Brian's family took a vacation. They were going to be gone for a few days so they asked us if we'd like to critter sit for them. The boys jumped at the chance. You see, our household is pet free. No, not because we are anti-pet. I just prefer to breathe. And since all of the children have followed my genetic lead and have varying degrees of allergies to the world as we know it, I protect them as well by keeping furry/feathered things away.

Oh, we had one bout of fish - they lived for awhile. A week or so perhaps. One or two might have actually lived a fortnight but I wouldn't bet much on that. After several rounds from the pet store, we decided our days of funerals while camped around the porcelain casket were behind us and we put the tank back in storage.

So here we are, proud sitters of critters for three days. By the end of the first 24 hours I'd enjoyed Marvin several times and had held Peanut a time or two, too. *sneeze* I popped an allergy pill in the hopes that it would alleviate the problem. I passed them out to the kids, too. Matthew sniffled endlessly. He claims it is the weather. I totally understand. I've been there, done that. I held on to my beloved cats until we moved to a new house and my Mom put her foot down. *sigh* I guess we'll wait until a week or so has passed to allow the remnants of Marvin to be swept away and we'll see. I feel for him. He was so close to his own Guinea Pig... *sneeze*

Oh well. At least we got to enjoy them for three days!

Here's Matthew and Laura enjoying Marvin. He likes to be held and especially appreciated parsley and other greens.

Here's Peanut. He sleeps during the day so photos of him are limited. LOL

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