Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Keeping Healthy Isn't for Pansies, Either!

As you may have read a few weeks ago, I really like Dr. Stone. He's a rare blip in the medical radar, truly getting to know and take care of his patients. And I thoroughly enjoy his Mom who does double duty as his receptionist. This afternoon I saw once again just how much his philosophy of medicine makes our lives better.

There are many pieces that make up successful parenting but probably one of the first is to take good care of yourself so you can take good care of your children. It seems I'm not so very good at this part. But I'm working on it. After all, I am serious about Weight Watchers and am slowly, ever so slowly, losing weight once again. And I am exercising more, attempting to get more sleep, and even taking my vitamins and so on regularly. But as my morning started, I realized I wasn't keeping up as well as I should in other areas.

Robin Roberts announced this morning on Good Morning America that she has breast cancer. It was caught early and she's expected to do well as she works to overcome this new setback. While I maybe catch the show once a month these days, I have always admired Robin's dedication to what she believes in and how she helped her hometown after Katrina devastated the area. This morning I had one more reason to admire her as she faced this new challenge in her life with determination and a sense of purpose. And I realized I needed to get on the stick and be more regular about taking care of the female part of me. So I called my OB/GYN.

When I was pregnant, my OB was wonderful. Knowing my maternal history meant that she was extra attentive to my issues and kept a close eye on Laura to be sure she was born as healthy as possible. I never had a hard time getting a same day appt if needed, and she was wonderful through Laura's birth and subsequent NICU stay. But the reality of normal practices, and how they differ from Dr. Stone, hit me when I called today to get an appt for a very long overdue, what is supposed to be annual, check. It seems they are booking in to February, 2008. Normally that wouldn't phase me. I'd gladly wait for such appts. After all, I haven't had one since just after Laura was born, and I am long overdue for that baseline smush we over 40 women are supposed to get. But today, waiting until Feb just astounded me.

So I called Mary. I asked if Dr. Stone did such things and if he minded. Minded? Mary got a good laugh at that one. She said she's never asked him. I'm sure it will come up when I'm there. :) Needless to say, when Mary heard of my lax approach to my female care, she put me in next Friday. Yes, that's next Friday. A good seven months before I could have gotten in to my OB. Wow. Give Dr. Stone an "Attaboy" for that one!

I suppose today was a wake up call of sorts, and an affirmation that we've got the right family physician on our side. As my children grow up I realize just how much I want to be around when they start raising their families. I'd even like to stick around as their families grow up and become teenagers in their parents image. :) But what I'd really like to be is the kind of wonderful grandparent my parents are. Which means I need to keep up on my health. For me. And for them.

Are you all caught up on your health exams??? If not, do yourself and your family a favor and call to make that appointment today.

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