Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harb's Haircuts

There are some times in life when you just have to let go and move on. Amusingly, letting go of our 'hair guy' after 8 years of good haircuts, performed in our kitchen while he visited for his bi-monthly fill of homemade chocolate chip cookies has been a hard cut to make. Don and Matthew had gone far too long between cuts, and even though I'd given Jonathan an interim cut with our own clippers, his was already out of control. It was time to take action. But what?

After stewing for awhile, which meant that I wasn't doing anything productive about the problem, I hit a deadline. Matthew is headed to Camp McPherson on Sunday. He absolutely had to get his hair cut. Since we'd already had an interim visit to one of those quick cut places and didn't like it, I was fretting about where to go next without paying a fortune for all of that gorgeous hair that would be lying on the floor. Mom kept pushing for a barber. I was scared of what that might mean. Lou, where are you???

On Saturday, after my return to Weight Watchers, Mom and I passed Harb's on the way home. Harb's Barber Shop to be exact. With a sign out front that proclaimed haircuts were $11 for adults, $9 for kids and $8 for seniors. We circled around to check him out. In my mind I could picture an old dude with his clippers in his hand, ready to do my precious boys in with them. Instead we discovered a young man clipping all ages in a little, nicely kept shop. I decided we'd try it and started plotting my 'selling campaign' for the boys.

Once the decision had been made, I only needed to plan our visit around Mom's ability to keep Laura busy while we invaded Harb's. Last night worked out perfectly. Gary (the new owner of Harb's) didn't know what hit him. He happened to be reading when we stopped in in the midst of a long awaited steady rain. The boys agreed to a haircut much like Gary's and he did it well. Both look outstanding! Don got a 'businessman's haircut' which suits him well, too. :) And he paid the boys a buck to sweep up hair. You can't beat that for a visit to the barber. We liked Gary. He was sweet and young, and did a good job talking with the boys. We shared a bit of our lives and he did his best to earn our trust.

Yes, Gary. We'll be back to Harb's. The boys all look great. Thanks for a great evening!

(I'll post a picture as soon as I can pin them all down!)

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