Monday, July 09, 2007

July 4th - An Unexpected Contrast in Tolerance

July 4th. Just hearing it brings to mind a feeling of patriotism and identity with our Great Nation, warmth, barbeque's, family and friends, and of course, fireworks. Let me say that again. Just hearing the words 'July 4th' brings to mind a feeling of... warmth. Yes, that's what I said. It isn't what I experienced this year, but it is indeed what is supposed to happen. :)

We celebrated with our families on July 1st. It isn't so far away from the 4th that you'd think the weather would be much different. But oh how wrong you'd be. At least here this year. And it brought to mind how some of us are so much younger than the rest.

Here we are 'celebrating' on the 1st.

Yes, you saw that correctly. We're bundled up like it's October! We were so cold, we needed regular reinforcements.

But some of us weren't quite so cold...

And this picture nicely illustrates the contrasts in tolerance that day...

And of course our precious sundressed wee one could have cared less. This was another dress brought to her by Nana. It was perfect for celebrating the birth of our nation.

Yes, the day was definitely a contrast in tolerance. Cold tolerance that is. And to think that we all gathered again on the 4th... we probably should have just waited. We'd have been warmer! But we would have missed all that chatting on the back deck. So I guess it was good that we gathered together on the 1st anyway, but we probably should have dressed for the weather and not what we thought the holiday was supposed to be!

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