Friday, May 22, 2009

Conversations With Laura, Part 2

As she played with her barn this morning, I took note that sheep, cows and horses were not the inhabitants. So this conversation followed:

Me: Who is living in your barn today?
Laura: Fairies, of course!
Me: Oh. Of course.

Play goes on for awhile. Pretty soon a chair appears next to me and then the barn lands on the chair.

Me: Oh my! I didn't know fairies were in the Wizard of Oz...
Laura, looking at me rather sternly: Mom. The fairies want a makeover. One of your makeovers.
Me: So they want their hair done?
Laura: Yes, and makeup and a new outfit and whatever. Like you do for me.
Me: Of course. When should I start?
Laura: Mom! They are lined up in front of you. Can't you see them? You just have to believe. That's all. Just believe. And accept that they are there. Then you'll be able to see them!

Ah, how innocent. Just believe. And accept. So simple, and yet so difficult. And yet it is what the Lord asks. I couldn't help but hum "Trust and Obey" to myself as I gave each and every fairy their very own pretend makeover. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Conversations With Laura...

Laura: Mom? Why is my barn dusty?
Me: Because it sat for a long time without you playing with it.
Laura: But why is it dusty?
Me: There is dust in the air and when something sits still, it collects dust that falls out of the air.
Laura: Can our skin get dusty?
Me: No, not really. Because we are always moving.

Laura freezes and sits totally still for a time, just sitting there smiling.
Then she looks down at her arm, feels her arm and gets this big smile on her face.

Laura: Mom! Feel my skin! It is dusty!

I feel her skin. Uh no. Not dust...

Me: Laura, that's not dust. That's dried snot. You need to use a kleenex.
Laura: Yeah, you're right. It's swot. I will get a kleenex when my arm is full.

I grimace. She smiles gleefully and says: Of dust Mom! Not swot! and runs away laughing.

Welcome to my world.