Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ohio and Missouri Collide For A Few Moments

This week has been an exciting one. We were able to spend some time with my Uncle Mick while getting ready for the annual visit of my Nana. On Friday, both events collided for a few hours as Nana arrived before Mick had to leave. We headed down to Mom and Dad's to enjoy the time together. I was reminded once again that Mick doesn't act his age. And when you see my Nana, you realize he comes by it honestly. I won't even comment on my Dad... :)

Here are some pictures of our afternoon:

The boys brought their clubs so Mick tried to teach them a little bit about the mechanics of a good swing... and how he hasn't perfected it yet!

Then Mick got on the scooter and tried to do a trick or two. Here he is maintaining an upright position while sticking his leg in the air...

And Matthew's response...

And Jonathan's attempt to top them both.

They just enjoyed hanging out together, boarding and scooting.

Then Laura had to get in to the picture. I believe "Go Fasser, Mattchew" was heard over and over again.

Jonathan getting his groove on!

And my Nana. She's 90! Can you believe that? And yes, she chose to wear that Cards shirt in to Indians territory... *sigh*

She brought a gift for Laura. Isn't it precious? Laura loves it!

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