Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The boys and I have some unique quirks. Things like our ability to enjoy the old-fashioned activities like tree climbing, and our homeschooling have set us in a different category from their friends. And then there's our sense of humor... we won't even go in to that. But the thing that I think his friends admire the most is the friendly competition that builds between the three of us from playing/building/doing things that are a bit out of the norm. There was the 'who can make the biggest tower out of single Lego's' competition that really was more of a contest on who could find the most single Lego's, or the ongoing 'who can get to the bathroom first' when we are returning from some time at the park that cracks us all up. And even the 'who can ride the skateboard off the ramp the farthest' contest that required I learn how to get on the darn things without killing myself first was fun. (And for the record, I dropped out of the competition before I dropped too hard on my bucket causing more permanent damage!) But I think the next gauntlet has been thrown. And poor Matthew is behind already and he doesn't even know what the contest is!

LineRider beta 2 has been posted on And the changes mean we can do even more stunts, create even more scenery and take our banged up line rider in to even more perilous situations than we did before. We've discovered how to make a cannon, how to build ladders and even how to speed him up and slow him down without making him go down or up hill. Yes, this will definitely be an ongoing thing... Don might have to get involved as the referee!

Of course this obsession follows closely on the heels of several weeks of Bloxorz. Which can be found here: It seems folks have just too much time on their hands and use it to create such inane time wasters. Oh wait... that means we've got too much time on our hands, too! LOL Oh well, it's fun. It seems to teach the boys persistence. And it has provided far too much fun for the three of us for us to stop now.

Sometimess it is just so good to be schooling the boys at home. Where else can problem solving be so much fun?!?!?

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