Thursday, July 12, 2007


Sometimes you just have to laugh at how our children learn to express themselves. Laura, as with most children, has a few that are just so cute I know I'll miss them when she learns how to pronounce them correctly. The boys had some we still talk about, and imitate, to this day. I wonder what will live on from Laura?

Here are some of her current ones:

"Belbeeba" - her favorite cheese right now.

"Sodom Sass" - The noise that periodically oozes from her diaper. She'll even look back there to see what made that noise like she is totally innocent... oh the joys of living with big brothers.

"Outtide" - her favorite place to be!

"Homedwerkt" - what she thinks she needs to do every day even though the boys haven't done it for a long time

"Swippers" and "Sanolds" - her favorite footwear

"Bushed my haired" - her least favorite daily activity

"Pudder in a tup" - her favorite snack/lunch

"Mattchew" and "Don-a-ton" - her siblings

"Baff" - what she'd like to have instead of a 'sower'

"Tickin" and "Fwensh Fwies" - another favorite 'wunch'

"Mom! Wook!" - a phrase I hear over and over again all day...

"Deego" and "Dowa", "Cwiffort", "Ci-oo" and "Arter" - her PBS fix for the week

"Hawnee and Pawpa" - her favorite people in the whole wide world.

"Pweese" and "Tank Oo" - her very polite self in action.

I know there are so many more that I'll add as they come up. While we still can't understand everything she says, we're thrilled she's doing so well. At least she brings us lots of humor on her path to perfection! :)

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