Monday, July 16, 2007

Lego Sword Play

Jonathan is always creating something from Lego's and Bionicles. With the millions of pieces (no kidding!) we have here, there is plenty to make whatever strikes his fancy. It seems that what comes out of his creativity more often than not is some kind of weapon, or a new Bionicle dude with some now super power or weapon... *sigh* but at least he's being creative!

Here are some pictures from his latest 'battle' with the resident 'ogre'. Note how little the resident 'ogre' could have cared less about the flying sword and was much more interested in clowning for the camera... Gee, I wonder where she gets that???

Jonathan preparing for battle.

And here he was posing with his sword as the conquering hero.

Caught in mid air!

Taking himself far too seriously...

And finally, putting his sword to good use as he tries to help Laura balance using just her legs against the couch.

Then Laura decided it was her turn. Think she'll make a good companion for our resident "Link"? :)

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