Friday, January 11, 2008

Tinkle, Tinkle Little Star...

I know that it doesn't take much to trip my trigger. Just ask my family. They claim to be embarrassed by me when I break out in song over little excitements - never mind that we're home alone. And they might tell you about how excited I can get over little things like having the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned up before everyone leaves it or even how big my smile is when they say something nice to each other after having a rather rough day. We won't even go in to the joy that exudes from my very pores when the laundry is caught up. But lately my trigger is tripped by something even more inconsequential to the bigger picture. I get excited by the sound of tinkles.

Tinkles you say? As in wind chimes? Or perhaps the crystals on the chandelier gently blowing in the wind? Uh no. Tinkles as in aiming for and actually hitting the potty. You know, that joyous sound that says progress is being made when little Princesses sit on the potty. There is nothing sweeter than knowing the sweet sound of tinkling means one less diaper you will have to buy/change/throw away. One less time you'll have to take her upstairs and continue the discussion about how important it is to lay down while changing a diaper - especially when wearing casts that don't allow you to balance. One more chance to hear the jingle of three M&M's in her little cup as a reward for keeping Dora's flowers alive a little longer.

I sit here, smiling contentedly. Just knowing that someday, hopefully someday soon, my little girl will truly become a 'big girl' in another very important sense of the word makes the day seem brighter. Those Barney and Princess undies might actually get worn before she outgrows them. And she'll have that wonderful sense of pride knowing she's accomplished something really wonderful all by herself.

Tinkle, Tinkle... Ah the sweet sound of success!!!

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