Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas Day Fun

Our families all gathered throughout the day to share one of the best days of the year with us. We also had three dogs here that day of varying sizes and amazingly, they all got along just fine. Murphy was joined once again by Diane's new puppy, Libby, and then Scott and Brenda arrived with Senta, a very docile german shepherd, who was just a wonderful addition to the fun. Senta is very attached to Brenda and barely left her side. Libby, on the other hand, was exploring to her hearts content and enjoying everyone as she went. Murphy played it safe and just kept to himself unless encouraged by someone else to join in. Smart dog, that one. :)

Here are some pictures taken that day. This one shows the joy Diane felt when the kids gave her their picture on a mousepad for her office. She just loved it! Of course this came after the calendar Mom gave her of pictures taken throughout the year last year. I loved how much she thought of the gifts we'd made just for her.

This one is of Grandma Jan opening the sweater we bought for her. Diane loved it too, so we must have chosen well. :)

Somehow we managed to get all three dogs in this picture. You'll find Senta hiding behind Brenda on the chair, Murphy the middle of the whole thing and Libby on Matthew's lap down in the front of the picture. And of course Mikayla and Jarryd just enjoying being together and playing with Jarryd's new toy. :)

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