Sunday, January 06, 2008

Look Mommy! Cows!!!

It would only make sense that when you hear such a statement, you'd be able to look over at the field next to the road you are driving down and see, well, cows. But then you probably aren't driving in the car with my daughter.

This morning while running late to church, Don pulled out of our development and headed towards church. Let me just say that again. Don pulled out of our development, as in typical 'burbs development, and headed towards church. 'Burbs. As in no agricultural barns/animals/fields/whatever close by. We are used to seeing the occasional dog, cat, bird, squirrel, and even deer, but not cows. Not here. Not ever.

So when Laura yelled "Look Mommy! Cows!" just as we turned out of the development my mind had a hard time wrapping around it all. Cows? Here? Uhhhh, no. I glanced over to see the current objects of her affection and was greeted by a whole field of... geese! Poor Laura. She was trying so hard but alas had only found the local gathering of geese. Obnoxious things, those geese. They don't like people much but they tend to leave their um... calling card wherever they go. And that includes every parking lot in the area. But I don't think Laura's incorrect identification phased her.

But oh how it phased the boys. You can just imagine what kinds of conversations boys who are 10 and 14 can have about flying cows... *sigh*

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