Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Boys! Boys! I Fawted!

Just look at those faces. Faces of (relative) innocence. Faces that say 'we're well taken care of and we know we are loved'. Faces that show the joy of living in a household where the family is one of the most important things. Faces that remind you that, in this house, testosterone lives on. But I don't need to look at the picture to remind me of that. No, Laura does that on a regular basis. And she doesn't just remind me, she shares that with everyone else she spends time with, too.

Let me remind you that Laura has had a fundo/nissen. Her esophagus has been closed off and is now just a one way valve. Stuff can go in that way, but it can't come back out. Her only relief is to let whatever she swallows, and whatever might develop from whatever she swallows, to work its way through her digestive tract and out the other end. When she was an infant, this meant that she had a lot of clothing that never became stained from 'baby urps'. What it means as a preschooler living with two much older brothers just learning to deal with their surging testosterone is a whole different ballgame.

Imagine with me if you will a quiet, peaceful afternoon. Lunch has been eaten and put away and everyone is doing something quiet as we attempt to get Laura ready for her nap. Matthew is working on an assignment at his computer in the dining room. Jonathan is sprawled on the couch, novel in hand, reading away. Laura is in the family room watching Caillou as she finished her lunch. Yes, it is a wonderful, serene time, isn't it?

And then... from the family room comes "Boys! Boys! I fawted!" said in a very proud and cheery voice, followed by little girls laughter and giggles. The boys, of course impressed with her endeavors almost as much as she is, run in to offer her a few high-fives followed by cheers of "Yeah Laura!".

*sigh* At least her favorite color is still pink...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious, those little moments just make my day! God bless you all!