Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another St. Louis Drive By

This past weekend we drove back to St. Louis, spent a wonderful evening with Nana, Uncle Mick and Aunt Nancy, and then headed in on Monday morning to see Dr. Dobbs. They removed her first casts and then after he examined her, they put on another set. Dr. Dobbs believes this will be her last set of casts and he'll remove them next Thursday.

My opinion of Dr. Dobbs has not changed. He is a wonderfully understanding, competent, thorough Doc who listens to you and treats you as one of the partners in your child's care. I am hoping that we'll have some time next week to discuss her 'fat pad' which I think might really be fibrous tissue that seems to be preventing her foot from staying corrected. I'm also looking forward to bringing her home in her night-night shoes instead of another set of bright pink casts.

Laura handles it all so wonderfully. She didn't complain about her casts this time at all, and is as mobile as ever having started to walk on them while we were still at the hospital. She's a trooper and wonderfully resilient. I'm so proud of her!

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