Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thief In The Night, Or At Least The Evening...

After returning from our afternoon with Dr. Dobbs, we settled in to Nana's apartment for the evening. My Aunt Carol and Charles came over for dinner since they usually take Nana out on Thursdays, and Nana made my favorite soup. We ate together and visited for awhile, catching up on family fun. Then Carol and Charles left us to rest as we'd been up since 2 AM their time and we were tired.

While Mom, Nana and Carol were cleaning up I decided to give Don a call and catch him up on what had happened earlier in the day and let him know when we planned to arrive home the next day. When I arrived in our bedroom, the boys were already spread out on my bed playing their gameboys. I sat down to call Don and was soon joined by Laura, looking for something to do. When Carol and Charles were ready to leave, the boys laid down their gameboys and followed me out to say goodbye leaving Laura to her own devices. And she wasted no time.

Here's what I found when we returned:

Wait! What is that I see??? Could that be Laura under the end of the bed? What is that she's doing?

Ah yes! I see now... she's got the boys gameboys. Both of them! I think she wants to win no matter what the cost. Including harassment by her brothers! LOL

The boys took it very well. :)

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