Friday, January 04, 2008

Directionally Challenged For Centuries?

I've often wondered how marriage relationships have changed over the years. Yes, I know that a woman's role has changed quite a bit in the past 50 years or so. No, I am not sure that's all good. But none the less, one thing doesn't seem to have changed much at all - men are directionally challenged. And apparently they've been that way for centuries.

Yes, centuries. Think about it. Cain was the first to wonder aimlessly, forced to go in circles without direction, initially because the Lord banished him. It must have continued until he found his wife who then helped him find his way as best she could given the circumstances. And Moses wondered for many years before he finally found the promised land. Just think of how much more quickly he'd have gotten there if there had been somewhere to stop and ask for directions! :) Or perhaps if he'd just asked his wife. :):) Or Noah... he was stuck on that boat for almost a year waiting for it to settle and then for the land to dry before he left the comforts of home. Personally, I imagine his wife wanted out of there much sooner but she was obedient and waited. I think more women could learn from her these days but that's a whole other subject.

Even Laura notices this penchant for men to be directionally challenged. Just the other day, after finishing her "Suuuuper Waura" stint, she took her cape, pulled it over her head, grabbed her 'Baby Jesus' and started to escape as they had been directed. But alas, she was missing something. So she wondered around the house calling "Joseph! Where are you? I need you!" over and over again. Apparently she was ready to go but her pretend hubby was still trying to find the map. :)

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