Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Red Ruby Inn

Each time we head to St. Louis for an appt. with Dr. Dobbs, we feel like we have our very own 'Red Ruby Inn' waiting for us. My Nana, more commonly known as Ruby, is always so excited to see us that it erases any doubts I have about making The Red Ruby Inn our home for the night. She literally dances she's so happy we've come to visit. Even if only for the night. She gives Mom and I the best bed in the house, lets the boys sleep on her couches and makes us a wonderfully warm dinner to welcome us and our grumbling tummies.

Here are a few pictures of our last visit. You can tell that we feel right at home, too.

Jonathan, resting on the couch while playing gameboy and watching the weather forecast.

Matthew, entertaining Laura who is really far too tired to still be awake.

Mom and Nana having a chat about our blog. Since Nana doesn't have a computer, Mom prints out each entry and sends them to her so she can enjoy them, too. This time she hand delivered them.

And our final picture before we drive off in to the sunrise once again. Nana's house will return to normal and she'll already be looking forward to the next time we come. Six weeks, Nana. We'll be back in six weeks! :)

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