Friday, June 22, 2007

The Salon of Mom

This evening we had a new adventure for Family Night. Jonathan visited the "Salon of Mom". Included in this no expense spared visit was a totally inexperienced hair cutter using nonprofessional tools of the trade, a kibitzer who spent his time fluctuating between encouraging the cutter and making light of the cuttee, and of course the most essential element, the hair vacuum dude!

I won't kid you. To get Jonathan to even enter the Salon of Mom was an effort in parenting not previously known in this household. No threats were made, but the chase down the street to even get him close to the stool surely broke family records! Once within the proximity of the stool, Jonathan knew his hair, er time was up and he sat down with something akin to barely willing. After prying his hands off of his head, the 'master of the clippers' went to work. No, it isn't a buzz cut. Not even close. But if if weren't for the guide on the clippers, it could have been. It took great determination, and some talent I might add, to keep prying fingers away from the hair while wielding clippers in the on position, but apparently Moms are natural born creative clipperers as I became a pro quickly.

Throughout the effort, there was a constant patter of encouragement mixed with attempts at jokes, periodic uh-ohs said with too much of a smile in the voice, and of course the ever present kibitzing on where it needed to be trimmed so it would be even with the other side. Yes, Don was in his element. And Jonathan tolerated it well.

Then there was the head sucker, er brother with a vacuum. Matthew played a key role that moved between vacuuming up the hair as it fell and keeping Jonathan's mind off what might be happening on his head with tremendous talent. There were those few rumors that indicate sucking snot out of their noses was, to them, an acceptable activity but I won't confirm or deny that. However, it is Matthew's first job in the morning to detach the vacuum hose and disinfect it before we use it again. :)

All in all, our first return to the Salon of Mom in more than 10 years went well. I'll be happy to post pictures as soon as I get some taken. Meanwhile, Jonathan hesitantly indicated that perhaps the Salon of Mom could fill in between Lou visits. We'll see what Lou thinks the next time he comes to cut hair...

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