Monday, June 11, 2007

Thankful Doesn't Begin to Cover It

Our weekend was not a normal one. I thought Don's tooth was enough but there was more in store. Saturday evening, my Mother-In-Law called and I happen to answer the phone. She was very upset and it took me a few seconds to calm her down enough that she could tell me what was wrong. It seems a car had just veered off the road and hit her house. OH MY! As the boys were finding Don, I made sure she was unharmed, that the house was still standing and so on, asked if she needed Don to come, and immediately went in to my mental "what can I bake to help her" mode. LOL Yeah, like baked goods would help. :)

When Don got on the phone he assessed the damages with her, listened to the neighbors who were talking in the background and got the lay of the land. She assured him that she was unhurt, the driver was unharmed and the house seemed to be fine as well. We waited awhile and Don called her back to be sure all was well. I went to bed thanking the Lord that she was unharmed and all would be fine.

It seems a young driver lost control and came across the street, up in to the yard, and came to rest against the brick supports for the driveway overhang. While the yard has some damage, caused by the rims of the tires as they were blown hitting the curb, the post seems to have handled the car just fine. Apparently the young man's airbag didn't even deploy. His route across the lawn on his rims must have slowed him down enough that only his poor car suffered from the event. How thankful I am! Everyone, and everything that mattered to my Mother-In-Law was unharmed! It is hard to be upset when you think about how thankful you are, and what might have happened, if...

As your parents age you often think, and honestly worry, about how they are doing and what needs they might have in the future. You can't plan for everything and you can't live in fear. The Lord gives us peace, and he meant it. Fear has no part in a life lived for the Lord. I keep working on that. And so far, the Lord's grace has covered our families pretty well. Don lost his Dad years ago, but his Mom is still very healthy. My Dad has had several health issues, but overall, he's doing great and, as we say, he could be dead so we'll live with the limitations he has. My Mom, aside from work stress which she continues to give to the Lord, is healthy as well. We are indeed blessed.

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