Friday, June 01, 2007

Afternoon Delight

Don is off this week so we've enjoyed some wonderful times together as a family. On Thursday, all of us headed out to the library and the park. As is typical, Laura heads to the "part" with Daddy and Jonathan while Matthew and I head to the "wibraree" where we trade our piles of already read and viewed materials for a whole new set of adventures. It has become a weekly family outing and it is one of our favorite activities. This week, since Daddy is home, the boys also were able to sneak in some swimming time at the rec center while I stayed home with the napper.

About an hour after she went down for a nap I hear "Moooom. I'm up!" singing in the monitor. After waiting a moment to see if she really was going to get up far to early from her nap, I put down my new book and headed up to get her. When I entered her room I was greeted with a huge smile and "I wanna wide my bite". So of course we headed outside.

We spent two wonderful hours playing outdoors together. Laura is fascinated by ants, especially those carrying their 'stuff' back to the waiting family. We watched some carrying dead ants, others with food and even one with a dead bee. He was really working at it and I'm sure Laura's interference now and then didn't help. :) But we let him pass on as our attention was diverted to other things. She took up with the ants on the peony bushes at one point and watched them for quite a long time. I couldn't help but snap some pictures of her as she explored, and of course insisted on resting now and then.

As we were gracing the driveway with even more chalk, the boys returned home, exhausted but happy. I couldn't help but think that the day would end with everyone heading to bed a bit earlier than normal, new books clutched in their hand as we started a new adventure. Alas, it was not to be. Dinner revived everyone under the age of 14. But eventually everyone retreated to their own rooms, books in hand. It was a good day. I can only hope that we have another one just as wonderful tomorrow.

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