Thursday, June 28, 2007

Daddy Fix It!!!

Yesterday I broke a plate. Not our normal pfaltzgraff ones that continue to amaze me with their fortitude. No. Not those. But a melamine one. One probably from the 50's or 60's. Small and orange. Mismatched. Good for children's meals and snacks. You know the kind. Indestructible. Until yesterday. I was pulling out a bowl for Laura's snack and the plate fell. When it hit, the sound wasn't normal. As I looked down, I saw why. There it lay, in two pieces. Split right down the middle. Two perfect halves where not even a crack had been before.

When Laura heard it she came running around the corner. As she saw the plate on the floor, her hands flew to her mouth and she immediately said "My pwate! My pwate! My pwate bwoke!" I quickly picked up the two pieces and tossed them in the trash. Her response was almost immediate. "No Mommy, Daddy fix it!" I informed her that Daddy couldn't fix the plate and that we needed to throw it away because we couldn't use it any more. Her reply became a litany for the day. "No Mommy. Daddy can fix it!" Whenever she'd walk by the trash can, or go to throw something else away, or even if she were reminded of the plate somehow she'd go over to the trash, stand over it looking forlorn at the broken plate and say "No Mommy. Daddy fix it when he get homed."

If only it were that easy.

This morning as I was praying, the Lord brought that plate to mind once again. I smiled as I thought of the growing relationship between Don and Laura, and how much it mirrors the relationship I have with my Dad. And yes, I do honestly think my Dad can fix just about anything. Gently the Lord reminded me that he's in the fixing business, too. But we have to let him. We have to step back and allow the Lord to work without our interference. We have to trust and let go, sitting in the wings, listening for the Lord's direction so we know when we are needed and when to sit quietly and wait.

No, the Lord is not going to fix that plate, no matter how much Laura would like for him intercede. But he surely can fix other things that are burdening my heart. I need only to look up and say "Father, You fix it. I'm going to let go now." And in his time, and in his way, he will.

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MrsMelody said...

Great reminder.