Saturday, June 02, 2007

Family Fun on Wheels

We've talked a lot as a family about bike riding but haven't been able to go because of Laura. Today we solved that problem. Matthew was the first privileged one to be named the designated "Laura Bike Rider". He took her out twice this afternoon and she was thrilled. Don joined them for awhile and Jonathan spent some time riding with them as well. They had a blast.

When I walked back in the house after seeing Laura's smiling face as she sat behind 'Mattchew', I knew a new phrase was about to enter her vocabulary. For the past few weeks we'd hear daily "I wanna wide my bite" and of course someone would follow her around the block as she pedaled away. After coming in from her inaugural rides, she sat down to dinner with us and was very quiet. I assumed, and mistakenly so, that she was tired. Her nap was short. She'd had a full afternoon. But no. She was just plotting, er planning her next move. Casually she got up from the table, walked around to the door, came back, looked up at us and said "I wanna dough for a bite ride." LOL Indeed a new era has begun. It's going to be a busy summer. :)

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