Friday, June 29, 2007

What Did You Get For Me???

It is our homeschool family tradition to visit the library at least once a week. And we enjoy, and look forward to that visit. Especially if we know something our hard-working libarians have found for us is finally ready to be picked up. Last night was no exception. They'd been holding something for me for almost a week and if I didn't get it by last night, it would be heading back to the lending library they had borrowed it from. Needless to say, I couldn't let THAT happen! I planned to stop before we headed to the grocery store to replenish our milk supply. Since the boys were playing ball across the street, just Don, Laura and I went.

As we drove up to the library Laura knew we were going there. Not because she heard us talking about it, but because I had our 'wibwerry' bag with me. Our library bag carries our haul there and back regularly, and is the repository for items that need to be returned. It is a fixture in our family room, right next to the bookcase. And to Laura, it means not only the wibwerry is on our list of stops, but that she'll get to pick some things out herself. And perhaps she'll get to play in their toy corner. Yes, she LOVES our library.

On this trip Don thought I would just run in and drop off and pick up what was waiting and leave. I softly informed him that I'd need to run by the children's section 'quickly' to grab a few videos for Laura and then I'd check out. I think he inwardly groaned. But I knew that if I didn't, Laura would ask over and over again where her books and videos were from the library. She takes her library privileges very seriously. He stated he'd drop me off at the door and find a place to park. He even went so far as to say that perhaps he and Laura could walk around the parking lot while they waited. I smiled and said "I really won't be long, Honey. I'll just run by the new returns and pull some quickly."

As I entered the library I really did move more quickly than I ever have before. Given that the library is one of my absolute favorite places, to whiz through without stopping to browse was neigh on impossible, but I did it. I strolled through the crowds in the children's department, scoring several of Laura's favorites. Then I ran by the new adult returns and scored another hit for the boys. Then I got in line, congratulating myself for not stopping to browse my favorite book sections. It is here that my plan fell apart.

Even though our library serves such a large community, the librarians get to know you. And your computer records don't hurt, either. As I approached the checkout, I handed the librarian my card and said that I had some materials waiting. Because there were so many materials waiting, she had a hard time tracking them all down. Finally, she approached me with a stack and apologized that it took so long. I thanked her for being diligent and she started to check me out. I was getting antsy knowing Don was waiting in the parking lot with an adventurous three year old. But the librarian wasn't through with her customer service. She said "On our spotlight reading table we have a book I know you'll love. Why don't you hurry over and get it. I'll wait." Without hesitation, I ran over and picked that up, too. Score one for Mom!

I finished my checkout, loaded my now bulging library bag and headed out. I smiled to find Don waiting up by the door. I'd been so quick that he hadn't had to find a parking spot. And I think he was amazed at how quickly I'd gotten in and out. It honestly had to be some kind of record for me and the library. :)

As I scrambled in the car Laura started to get all excited. She said "Hi Mom! What did you get for me from the wibwerry?" I just had to laugh. Indeed my daughter knows that everyone gets something from the 'wibwerry' every time we go. Our love of a good book and our joy in watching a good movie certainly isn't lost on her. I reached down and pulled out my treasures and thoroughly enjoyed the reaction from her. I had 'scored'. She loved what I'd picked out. She even wanted to stay up past her bedtime to enjoy them. But I said No.

This morning Laura's first greeting to me wasn't her usual "Good Morning!" or even her regular "Where's Daddy?" No. It was "I wan to wach my moobies from the wibwerry!" and "Where's my new bookts?" :) Since I often forget what was on my mind the night before, she always amazes me with her memory. Indeed she's happily watching and reading away as I type. She's in her element. And she's certainly growing a love for our library. Just like mine. :)

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