Friday, August 10, 2007

Why? Why? Why, Mattchew? Why?

I just overheard a conversation that indicated a phase has started that I'd hoped we might skip with Laura. Alas, I have hoped in vain.

Matthew and Jonathan have overdone it this morning. Between days and days of rain keeping us all inside (where, oh where did that drought go???), the humidity and heat index issues, and lack of structure that we naturally fall in to during the school year even though we are schooling at home, the boys need to have some energy outlet that I can't provide at the moment. So they chose to provide it themselves. I believe fists were involved but it seems not one was hurt. And amusingly, no one is willing to give me the whole story - not that I'd want it anyway. However, they are both cooling off in separate spaces at the moment. Confined until I deem them 'chilled and ready for appropriate interaction.'

Matthew is stationed in the entry way. Laura is fascinated by the fact that he's still, in one location, and apparently free and ready for interaction. So she's been encouraging him to play. He kept saying "No" until finally he said "I can't, Laura. I'm having a time out." (Yes, even 14 year olds need to chill for a bit now and then. I'd have said he's just cooling off, but if he wants to call it 'time out', who am I to question it?). Laura said "Why?" and when no answer was forthcoming within the half second pause she allowed, she continued with "Why? Why? Why, Mattchew? Why are you in timed out? Why? Why? Why?"

Why indeed. Why is it that three year olds like that word? Why? Is it because it is short and easy to say? Why? Or is it because it just flows off the tongue over and over again easily? Why? Why? Why, Laura? Why? Perhaps it is because there doesn't seem to be a set answer so there's always a reason to ask again. Why? Why? Why? However, I think the real reason they ask us why is because they know it drives us nuts. Especially during the rainy season.

So much for hoping we'd pass through this phase quickly. Why, Laura? Why is it that you must insist on doing everything every other three year old does? Why? Why? Why, Laura? Why???


thosecrazyandersons said...

Oh no, the no-no word! LOL, for some reason our almost 3yo has not become enamored with "why?" yet, although she has learned the inevitable "are we there yet?"

Momma4ever said...

LOL! We are going through the same phase with our 3 yr old daughter, Cyloh. I believe that 3 yr old's do ask that famous one-word question on purpose to make us even nuttier... especially when you ask questions like, "Cyloh, do you have to go to the bathroom?" and the reply is "Why?"

Chris said...

Lauren,I can so relate to that one, too! We've been dealing with "are we there yet?" and "where are we going?" for months. They are asked time and time again in a row without consideration for what the answer might be. I guess that was just prep for the inevitable "Why?" LOL

Chris said...

momma4ever, I certainly would have a terrible time keeping a straight face on that one!