Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another Year Older...

Yesterday Matthew moved yet another year in teenagedom. He's fourteen now. It is truly bittersweet. On one hand we are well on our way to raising this wonderful child in to a man. On the other hand, my first baby isn't a baby anymore.

Most of the time he tries to remind me that he's grown up now. That he's no longer a baby. That he doesn't need me. That he can take care of himself. That he's autonomous. And then reality hits. He can't find a clean pair of shorts and wants to know why I haven't done the laundry. He's hungry and he wants to know what we're having for whatever meal is close at hand. Or a ride somewhere. Or even a new pair of shoes.

But sometimes he really is growing up more than I'd like to admit. Like the other day when he opted to stay home and play with his brother instead of with his friends because he knew his brother was lonely. Or the time he just started picking up the living room because it needed it. Or when he actually came in and did the dishes without being told and it wasn't even on his chore list, just because he knew I could use the help. Or when he is sure to get a kiss and a hug from me before I leave. And he tells me he loves me and wants me to be safe while I'm gone.

I realize that in the next few years the grownup moments will become more frequent and the childish ones will fall more and more by the wayside. I'll know that we've raised a wonderful young man who will go on to be a good American citizen, choose a wonderful wife, raise his own family, and become the strong man of God that he is to become.

But meanwhile, you'll pardon me if I trip down memory lane every once in awhile as we did last night while sharing his birthday dinner with him. After all, who can forget his little finger and thumb raised in an 'L' as he says in that little baby voice, "Be right back". Or his little waves as his head rested on my shoulder while I sang yet another round of "Sing Mush, Mommy. Sing Mush." Or the feeling of his little hand in mine as we walked up the steps to Momma Lori's house for the start of yet another day. And let us not forget the stories about the candy bar...

Yes, memories are so very good. And I'm glad we continue to make more of them while reliving the past. Honey, Poppy and I love telling him those stories and we love reminding him of his 'cute' moments. Rest assured that he enjoys it almost as much as we do. :)

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