Friday, August 17, 2007

New Activities at the Lego Warehouse

Recently our resident warehouse workers decided it was time to find something new to do with their constant supply of bricks. Yes, the warehouse managers encourage them to do this on a regular basis. No, the warehouse managers didn't count on the extent of their creativity at that moment. *sigh* When will we learn???

It seems that the new Bionicle dudes come with 'shooters' of some sort. Things that can propel pieces without the intervention of actual fingers. Well, there is the need to press some sort of button, but that means they really didn't throw them, did they? After all, the 'shooter' did it! Yeah... I'm buying that one.

Here the warehouse workers are in the midst of battle. The family room survived. I'm not so sure the up and coming warehouse worker stuck around to see, but her toys came out okay in the end, too. :)

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