Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On The Rise?

Okay, okay, okay. I have a unique sense of humor that periodically embarrasses my children. I can deal with that. They'll have to cope the best they can. They're young. They are flexible. And when they finally leave the nest they'll miss it, I'm sure. But an embarrassment to my husband??? Say it isn't so!!!

Alas, it is. You see, my dearest hubby has been to the Dr. more in the past two years than he's ever been in his life. Between a possible heart attack that turned out to be shingles and his Grave's Disease, he's getting used to being prodded and poked in a regular basis.

A few weeks ago he went in to see the Dr. because he was having his first ever, and an obnoxious one at that, case of poison ivy and they just wouldn't go away. They still haven't but that's a whole other issue. Anyway, the Dr. examined him and sent him home with some meds to help and an additional request. Because his blood pressure was elevated, and had been the previous time he'd been in, he was to monitor his blood pressure and write it down. Easy enough. I was happy to share my blood pressure cuff with someone else and really had to work hard not to snicker because my usually very healthy hubby was dealing with the same thing I was and he'd discover it wasn't so easy to remember to take your bp or, heaven forbid, to remember your pills everyday. Yep, this would show him... uh... no.

Instead I discovered that he had 'white coat syndrome' instead of high blood pressure. Here at home his pressures are just dandy. On the low end, even. *gasp* I was once again sailing on my own in the world of high blood pressures. We thought that was the end of it for him. But no.

Yesterday I received a call from Mary indicating Dr. Stone wanted to see Don for a bp follow up. I laughed and chatted with her for a bit and then made an appt for him to see Dr. Stone. Gleefully I shared the news with Don when he came in but alas he was not quite so thrilled. At his request, I wrote Dr. Stone an email. In my own way. To the embarrassment of my hubby. Here's what I sent:

Dr. Stone,

Here I thought I was the one to avoid the Dr. at all costs but I think Don beats me in that department hands down. As always, I totally enjoyed talking with your Mom today when she called to let us know you wanted to see Don regarding his bp. Smirking under my breath I shared the good news with him when he came home. Gosh, who wouldn't want to come in and just say "Hi" to you over a blood pressure cuff, anyway? I know I'm just waiting with baited breath for my chance! But alas, it seems Don would be heavy in to avoidance. Without a word he headed upstairs and returned rather quickly with the following list:

8/10 - 127/72
8/21 - 117/71
8/23 - 126/79
8/24 - 119/69
8/27 - 126/78
PSA - .43

Any person with half a brain would assume that he's trying very hard to avoid seeing you, but then I might be claiming more abilities than I really have so I'll leave that decision up to you. Do you still want to see my wonderful specimen of a hubby next Tuesday for a follow up bp check or can we assume that he'll let you know should things take a rise, unheeded, in the near future?


Just what pray tell is wrong with that note??? I fail to see why he asked if I couldn't just write a normal, short note with the measurements and that's all. Isn't that just what I did???

My poor family. Sentenced to life with a woman who happens to have a quirky sense of humor. I feel so for them, don't you?

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