Friday, August 10, 2007

"Twiet, Mattchew! Stop!"

Getting the kids to bed most nights, especially when Don is off on vacation, can be a challenge to any sane parent. The boys have perfected stalling and Laura has learned all she needs to know at 3 to do her best as well. Yes, they have a definite bedtime. During Don's vacation week, they rarely make it. Last night was no exception.

After getting Laura dressed for bed, we headed back down the hall to brush her teeth. That meant a trip back in to our bedroom, home of 'the people magnet'. True to form, the boys were spread eagle on our bed, laughing and playing with Daddy and arguing over who had to brush their teeth first. On the way to the bathroom with Laura, I scooped up Jonathan and the three of us managed to get to the sink without incident. I have no clue what Matthew and Daddy were doing, but I do know it involved the usual game of 'who hid the TV controller'. *sigh*

Laura's teeth were done before Jonathan's so she headed back in to the bedroom, climbed on to the people magnet and proceeded to take the channel changer from Matthew and started changing channels. There was some protest but it was lost in my "No, we're going to bed! Now!" statements. Laura continued to change channels but Matthew got up and started for the door, at least for a moment. When Jonathan resumed his place as co-antagonist with Matthew, they both drew closer to the bed once again. Matthew was teasing Laura, telling her it was time for bed and that she had to put down the remote and get out of our bed. She kept saying no. He kept telling her yes. She'd say no. And so it went.

The level of their discussion was rising so after cleaning up the sink after all of the teethbrushing, I headed back in to the bedroom to round up everyone and get them to bed. I came through the doorway just in time to see Laura attempt the impossible, and achieve it! :) Apparently her ability to control the television so empowered her that she figured she could do the same to Matthew. So after Matthew said "Put that down, Laura. It's time for bed. Now." just one time too many, Laura pointed the channel changer at him, said "Twiet, Mattchew! Stop!" and pressed some buttons.

For a moment peace reigned. Followed shortly by bales of laughter. Laura has much to learn about just what a remote can control and what it can't. But then I think that it is better if she doesn't ever really know because then she can work to achieve anything she wants. Even if that means shutting up her brother. :)

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