Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Can You Learn From Robinson Crusoe?

I've discovered that there are a lot of things we can learn from books. You might be thinking that is a given, and that I shouldn't even have to state the obvious, but alas you would be thinking of the 'normal' things one can learn from a book. Since I've been schooling the boys at home, I've discovered that there are other, more subtle things you can learn as well.

For instance, did you know that "Robinson Crusoe" can teach you how to survive on a 'desserted island'? After all, there aren't any restaurants around you know. And Robinson Crusoe is indeed 'quite profishient' at raising food? Who knew that would be required so close to the ocean? *snicker*

Throughout the book we were constantly evaluating his motives, attempting to determine what it might tell about his character. Regularly we tried to come up with some new words that described him as he moved from marooned sailor to a competent builder, farmer and eventually, courageous rescuer and then benevolent master. When asked to come up with a list of words that might describe him, Jonathan chose the following: Kind-hearted, courageous, brave, restoredful, smart, adventurous, selfish, and strong. I guess he sleeps well at night as he wakes up restored and full of something, which is more than I can say about me some days.

I love schooling at home. You never know what you're going to encounter next. And it seems I'm getting educated right along with them. Who knew? LOL

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