Friday, August 17, 2007

"Stista" and "Waura"

My very precious friend Michelle is dealing with the frustration of having a very sick child and not being able to immediately help make it all better. I've certainly been there, done that far too many times to count in just the past three years, let alone the 14 that I've been a parent. My heart goes out to her as she lives through this difficult time.

Since there isn't much we can do for them given where she lives and where I live, one of the only things I can do is pray. So we're doing that here regularly. This morning after sharing the update from Michelle on Krista's condition, we prayed for them together. Jonathan prayed "Lord, help Krista. She's in bad pain. I wouldn't want that so I know she doesn't because she's a girl. So heal her." and then he remembered to be polite, adding "Please". When it was Matthew's turn he said "Krista needs healing. You love her. You heal. So do it. Today." I could hear the unspoken "Dude Jesus" in his attitude after that but he didn't say it. LOL Boys... I'd tell you what Laura said but I didn't catch anything beyond "Ward"(her version of Lord) and "Stista" but I know she meant every word she said.

We all miss Michelle and the gang when they aren't here and we cherish their visits. So we took a little trip down memory lane today and in honor of Krista, here's one of my favorite pictures:

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