Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why Is It That... only realize that your three year old daughter might be doing something she shouldn't when it is too quiet? Can they not make messes that involve noise at least once in awhile? Oh wait, the tinkling of the water splashing in the toilet makes noise. Never mind. find rotten veggies that got lost in the back of the frig the day after garbage pick up? can operate under the illusion that you have managed to get relatively organized for only so long before the reality of how disorganized you are rears its ugly head? ' only realize you are out of children's ibuprofen five minutes after the drug store just down the street closes?

...your need to get sleep is always inversely related to your children's need for sleep on any given day?

...your desire to do something 'fun' only hits you on the days the laundry has reached the desperate point and MUST be done? Hmmm... that kind of flies in the face of thinking you have managed to get relatively organized, doesn't it? LOL

...your teenager can look you straight in the face and honestly tell you he doesn't remember why he made such a stupid decision yet he can quote movie lines, lyrics and commercials he's only seen or heard once?

...your to do list grows exponentially while the time you have to accomplish it shrinks even more rapidly as the holidays grow near?

...your alarm clock goes off just moments after you've drifted off to sleep? Oh wait, I'm a parent. That goes with the territory. Never mind this one, either. :)

...parents will tell me how much they admire me for schooling my children at home,think it is a great idea, and realize their child would probably benefit from it but choose not to spend their time doing it? Makes no sense to me.

...your child can look at you with all of the love they can muster, tell you how beautiful you are and just how much they love and appreciate all that you do for them and then look incredulous as soon as you ask them what it is that they are feeling guilty about at that moment?

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