Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jonathan Is in the Double Digits!!!

Yes, it is true. My Cutie Toots is 10. TEN! Ten years old. Where did the time go? Where is that sweet little two year old who followed is brother around, thriving on the attention he tossed him between school and friends? Where is that precious four year old who would do anything to help us whenever he thought we were stressed about something? Where is that understanding six year old who tried is hardest to just be there for you? To cuddle up with you when you needed a warm body with nothing but unconditional love to offer? Where is that eight year old who worked hard to overcome his inability to lose gracefully and became the best person in the house to play games with when you needed a laugh? Where, oh where, did he go???

Oh yeah, he's right here. Still the same sweet, precious, understanding, fun son that he always was. Only he's even more so now. There is no one better to have a quick game or two of Blitz with when you need a break. And I can't imagine working on a stitching project without his encouragement and squeals of pleasure as progress brings the design to life. Or even laying my head on the pillow without his goodnight kiss and hug. He is definitely one of the stablizing members of our family and I have always been thankful for him.

The Lord gave him to me in the midst of extreme sorrow. My David had just died and my arms felt empty, my heart was broken and I was wondering whether I really cared whether tomorrow ever came or not. And then the Lord sent Jonathan. He gave me a reason to take care of myself again. He brought smiles with my tears and he helped begin the healing process that will probably take a lifetime. He carries his brother's name and will forever be in my heart as the child the Lord sent just for me when I needed it the most. Just as I strongly believe Matthew is here for a reason that the Lord will use when it is time, Jonathan also will serve the Lord as he grows in to a strong, Christian man, husband and father. I can't wait to see how it all comes out, but I'm very willing to just enjoy each day as it comes.

Happy Birthday, my son. I love you.

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