Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jonathan's First Composition of the School Year

Jonathan had to write a composition that took a journal entry and expanded it. First he learned what a journal entry is and then he chose a topic to write about. Through the lessons he expanded his writing, learning to use more descriptive words. He even stuck a simile in there! It was touch and go for awhile and I was sure this wasn't going to be one of his best efforts, but he came through in the end. I'm very proud of his tenacity. :)

Here's "Murphy" for your enjoyment.

Have you ever had a dog? Do you want one? I have one and his name is Murphy. He’s a white bichon frise and he’s seven years old in human years. That makes him 49 years old in dog years, but he doesn’t act like it!

Murphy is very fun and energetic. He likes to fetch balls, toys and bones. I often play tug of war with him and when he gets tired, he quits. Sometimes I quit first. Especially when Murph won’t let me have the toy, or my arm gets tired. I have to chase him whenever he steals my socks. He’ll even steal my stuffed animals and he’s chewed a few of my Legos. He’s always full of energy.

Murphy is cute and funny. Whenever he begs, his eyes get big and his mouth puckers up. He also tilts his head trying to look sweet so he’ll get fed people food. He usually gets a fried egg in the morning, but if it is runny he won’t eat it. Bichons like to blitz and Murphy always blitzes around the house at night. It’s almost like watching lightning flash across the floor.

I consider Murphy a part of my family. When I come home, he greets me with a wagging tail and I know he’s thrilled to see me at home. I take him for walks because I care about him and I don’t want him to poop on the floor. Murphy is always there for me. He’ll play with me, cuddle with me, and make me laugh when I’m sad.

Murphy is my dog and he’s a really magnificent pet. I’m glad he’s mine.

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