Saturday, September 29, 2007

Apparently It's Not Just Me

It would seem that not only did I absolutely and wholeheartedly relate to Anita Renfroe's "The Mom Song", but the whole world might be along for the ride. Or at least Moms in general. The video clips have had quite a few hits on youtube and many of the copies of her work have been taken down due to some copyright issues, or at least that's what I'm assuming. I changed the link to the one I posted earlier as this one seems to be relatively stable, and will try to check to see if it is still good every once in awhile.

I decided to figure out who she really is and pleasantly discovered that she's a Christian, has written several books, and even has a new one coming out soon. I ordered one of her older ones and will probably devour it as soon as it arrives. Meanwhile, whenever I need a boost out of our humdrum daily blunderings, I'll just rejuvenate by listening to her video and thanking the Lord that I have a chance to be home with my children while they are younger. Her video by the way, is also available along with her books, from her website: Check it out. Maybe she's coming to a venue near you and you can get the whole thing in person!

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