Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Laughter Really IS The Best Medicine

As I was unloading on a friend who just happened to time her call to arrive right in the middle the umpteenth time I was reminding the boys of The Golden Rule and The Ten Commandments, she laughed and said she'd send me some relief. I hung up wondering when she might arrive, with troops at the ready, to relieve me for a few hours of "Mommy time". Yes, as you might remember, I dream big. *hehehehehe*

Instead, a little 'bing' let me know I had mail. I saw it was from her so I thought I'd open it sooner rather than later. And I'm glad I did. I'm also extremely pleased that I had already downed my diet coke/diet dew quotient for the day because it could have been disastrous for my monitor and keyboard had I had one of them still in my hand. Or worse, busy glugging. So, before you play the video, I suggest you swallow what you have in your mouth and refrain from further whistle-wetting. Your monitor will thank you.

For mothers everywhere,The Mom Song:

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