Friday, September 28, 2007

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Laura, in January, 2005 fresh out of casts and back in her special shoes

Ah shoes! I imagine many women squeal with glee when they spot a sale or clearance going on in the shoe department. I used to. Especially when I was working full time. My dress and casual shoes wore out much more quickly then and I'd always look for new ones. I didn't buy them often though. The 'breaking in' process was more than I cared to endure so I stuck to my much loved ones until they could give no more. I still find that I look at shoe sales even though my shoe needs have greatly decreased. It must be some compelling force of nature that draws the female to leather like preschoolers to the playground. It is just that now I flock to toddler shoe sales. After all, I am a mother raising a girl! I must teach her the ways of the woman. :)

This week my hunt for the perfect shoe hasn't involved department stores or even my favorite bargain hunting locations. Instead we've been measuring for new Mitchell shoes. John Mitchell, working closely with Dr. Ponseti and many parents over the years, has created a shoe that is much more comfy for children who must wear the FAB for awhile following clubfoot correction. I have thanked the Lord many times for John and his willingness to give his heart, and his life's work, to my daughter and others with the same issues. But this week I find I am even more thankful.

This week, after hearing from Dr. Ponseti that Laura was relapsing even after having gone through the ATTT surgery, we attempted to use her old shoes until the new ones could arrive. The first night, as I shared earlier this week, went very well. The second night, not so much. Her much more normal foot was too big for the shoe and she just wouldn't have any of it. She fussed for quite awhile before we finally took her shoes off for the night after assuring her we'd order her new ones in the morning. Indeed, yesterday I did. And John's staff assured me they'd go out in yesterday's mail and would most likely arrive here on Monday. Monday. Just a few working days to make the shoes and get them from Iowa to Ohio. What a blessing. At least we think so. I'm not sure Laura will!

Even though we'll have new "night-night" shoes, that still leaves our need for daytime shoes. Do we still need to use the AFO? I honestly don't know. I have the entire month of October to figure that out as we won't meet again for a fitting until the 31st. Until this question is answered I can't really shop for shoes. As much as I love to stop and stare at the wonderful array of shoes in every toddler department, and because Laura has only one pair that fit her well that aren't sandals, I'll have to wait to see what our needs will be. Meanwhile, I'll dream of her tiny feet in cute shoes, unencumbered by SMO's, AFO's or bones that aren't in the right position. Because I know that someday, when the time is right, they will be. Waiting for the Lord to bring that time to fruition is teaching me much about patience and trust. I hope I learn soon. There are a lot of cute shoes for sale, just waiting for me!

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