Friday, February 22, 2008

Lego Saves The Day, Or At Least An Hour Or Two

There is something wonderful about having a son who willingly finds all sorts of creative things to do with his much younger sister. I imagine most ten year old boys can find many ways to avoid all of the girlie things that come with little sisters and Jonathan is no different. What he's done instead amazes me with its ingenuity. It is pure genius. He's gotten her to believe that little Lego men are just miniature dudes, er dolls. Dudes, er dolls that don't play house but protect it instead. And furthermore, they must practice and practice that protection just in case something ever happens and their small Lego abode must be defended from the evil ones, whoever they are.

Last week I needed to get things done and asked Jonathan to keep Laura busy. We offered her several options, but she could have cared less until I mentioned that perhaps they could go 'take some pictures'. Oh how she jumped on that. My budding photographer Jonathan is teaching his sister how to set up shots, too. Although his shots generally include toys instead of people, he does capture family memories regularly that I fail to see. Last week, he opted to make do with Legos as his subject matter. And in the midst of it all, the Lego dudes got to re-enact several possible attack scenarios. Ah, Legos. What would our house be without them?

Here's some pictures, taken by Jonathan, of the fun they had that day. Creative, isn't he? Oh, and the last one is my favorite. She stayed out of his way just as long as she could manage. Jonathan took it all in stride. And finally let her have the camera. I'd share those pictures but alas all of them are unidentifiable. I think I'm glad about that. I'm sure some of them included me and lots of dirty laundry!

Doing battle:

Laura preparing to bomb the entire thing in order to stop the invaders. She has yet to learn diplomacy...

Oh how she wants to rearrange them! But with great restraint she's waiting until Jonathan takes another picture.

And finally, she just had to see what Jonathan was seeing, didn't she? :)

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