Friday, February 15, 2008

Choo Choo Trains?

Laura, more than any of the others in the household, has the ability to "see" something fun in almost everything. She can make toys out of nothing and uses unique items for everyday things if she can't find the 'real' one. For instance, she uses anything long and thin for a baby bottle, turns anything - literally - in to a baby as long as she can wrap it up in something that might vaguely resemble a blanket, and she thinks anything or anyone is a 'friend' even if it isn't alive or she's never met them. Yes, she's creative and she likes it that way. Secretly, I do, too!

The other day I got out the beads and the shoelaces, hoping to work on her fine motor skills as well as her attention span. Sometimes it can be compared to that of a gnats. Anyway, as soon as we'd gotten about half way done with our beads, she jumped off the couch and started yelling "Choo Choo! Choo Choo!" while dragging them behind her. Cracked me up. By the time five minutes had passed, she'd created a whole story about who was on the trains, where they were going, and how long they could stay there before they had to turn around and head back home.

Where does she get that???

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Anonymous said...

Every day I eagerly look at your blog to see what the next installment is in my favorite family story - and you haven't written for a week! I'm suffering from withdrawal!!!!!

Love from your most devoted fan - Mom