Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fort SnowBound

After shoveling the snow for the second time today, the boys decided to build themselves some snow forts. As you can see from the picture above, the driveway is a wonderful place to have a good snowball fight. No windows are near and the piles from shoveling all of that snow off the driveway will make a great start. So they took advantage of a good thing when they saw it. Soon, several friends showed up to help but had to leave before the fun started. Here are their forts:

Jonathan finishing his 'Lower Bunk'.

Jonathan's Double Fort System complete with slide between them for quick getaways.

Matthew's Fort equipped for trench warfare.

The Trench system in all its glory.

I can only hope that I'll be tucked in to my favorite chair, watching a good movie with Laura and Don while cross stitching when the fun starts. Then again, I think they have plans for Dad... :)

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prozac and clubfoot said...

That's some fort you got there.