Friday, February 22, 2008

Laura's New 'Friend'

The last time I went in to my favorite thrift store, I scored what I have come to realize was one of my best deals. Yes, it was cheap and that sure is a nice bonus. But what was really wonderful was how much Laura enjoys her new 'friend'. Yes, Strawberry Shortcake has come to live with us. This version is just a few inches shorter than Laura and she loves to cuddle with her.

Here she is the first afternoon Strawberry arrived. And the bond of friendship necessitating constant companionship has only grown. But that's not so bad. Strawberry is a very amiable friend. She's never demanding, can accept being tossed aside for another, albeit smaller version of herself, and she is always waiting right where you put her for you to return and play once again. Yes, Strawberry is a great 'friend'. At least Laura thinks so! :)

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