Monday, February 04, 2008

Celebrating Birthdays from Four to Eighty-Two

Yesterday we gathered together for another "Classic Family Sunday". Aside from the fact that we hadn't gotten together since Christmas due to our St. Louis fly bys, it was time to celebrate a few birthdays. Jan turned 82 at the end of last year, Laura was celebrating her 4th and I, well... I'll turn another year older, wiser and a bit more laid back this Friday. So we celebrated 'the girls' birthdays all together. We also took the time to catch up on life as we know it, see how much Libby has grown, and spend more time together just being a family.

Here are a few pictures from our day together:

Diane, Laura and Jonathan just before opening presents.

Don talking with his Mom.

Mom, Mikayla, Jarryd and Murph were talking in the background as well.

Laura loved her new baby and long sought after Kitty, now named 'Baby Sammie Kitty' lest we forget she is a cat.

And Libby. My how she's grown! She and Laura had a blast playing with paper. Wrapping paper, tissue paper and paper towels all kept Libby busy for quite awhile. And Laura had a good time, too.

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