Friday, February 22, 2008

Four Legged Entertainment

Recently, we were privileged to welcome Murph in to our home for the day. Mom and Dad were heading out for some rest and relaxation together and didn't want to leave Murph home alone too long. The boys were thrilled to have him all to themselves for the day and I was thrilled that we could do something for Mom and Dad. After all, they give Don and I some rest and relaxation one night a month so it was the least we could do!

Anyway, Murph was well rested when he arrived and the boys took advantage of it. As you can see from the following, Murph and Matthew had a wonderful time playing tug of war. So wonderful, in fact, that Murph was tuckered out after awhile and preferred to just sit and chew a bit on his own. Poor thing. He'll have to go home and rest up for a few days. He's not used to dealing with the testosterone of a growing teenager any longer!

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