Thursday, October 04, 2007

Laughter Really IS The Best Medicine - Part 2

I must admit that this morning finds both my hubby and I a little toasted around the edges. Laura's been sick and that means lots of "Get up, get up, get out of bed" times for us throughout the night. Since Don gets up for work at 5 AM, on nights like this he's usually already up and doesn't need to use the alarm. *sigh* But this, too, shall pass as it always does. Then we'll catch up on our sleep. Well, maybe.

As I downed my first can of carbonated caffeine, the world started to become a bit more clear. I popped Laura's waffle in the toaster and turned on Fox News to catch my morning info before settling in on school work for the day. And what to my wide-awake eyes should appear but Anita Renfroe talking about her Momsense bit. My kids were just as excited as I was! We listened to her talk about raising kids and enjoyed watching a bit of her video once again.

But the best part of her talk was the end. One of the Fox News guys asked her how her kids felt about it all. Her response was classic. She said something like "They go between mortified and proud depending on what we're talking about." Oh I SO live that! Matthew and Jonathan have this routine down to a science. The thing they haven't figured out yet is that while I feel all warm and fuzzy when I know they are proud of me, I feel full of fun and frivolity when I know they are mortified. No guilt or sorrow here. Someday they'll appreciate it all and I'll enjoy that day when it comes. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying every little moment along the way, too.

So Thursday dawns bright and sunny. Not only have I had enough caffeine to charge me for another day, I've had a great laugh with the kids once again over Anita and her wonderful sense of humor. What a wonderful way to bond with your kids! Try it. You might like it! You can find her video here, and the words to her song as I attempted to record them here.

Enjoy and laugh out loud. You'll feel much better as you enjoy the rest of your day. We sure do!!!

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