Friday, October 19, 2007

"Dis Is Molly, Mommy!"

Laura wandered in to the school room, more commonly known as our living and dining rooms, this morning and declared "Dis is Molly, Mommy! Dis is Molly!" I turned away from 4th grade division with tremendous interest. Well, wouldn't you??? She was holding out her newest baby doll. A soft and cuddly gift from her Auntie Diane after her last shopping spree. I wasn't sure I heard her right so I asked her to repeat herself. Again she said "Dis is Molly, Mommy! Her name is Molly. She's my baby." Tears immediately rose to my eyes as I smiled down on the two of them. My daughter has moved in to a new phase. Her babies will have names she gives them.

I realize you might wonder just why that is so great. I am not sure I can explain it myself. But after two years of "what is her name?" responses always being "Baby" unless the rest of us have given the item a name was beginning to make me wonder. But I shall wonder no more. Molly has arrived. And with her came a Mommy who can see beyond herself.

Life is good!

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